99% of the times people start feeling bad or sick during a tattoo session it's usually because they dont follow these things. 

The healthier and better you feel, the tattoo will become less painful and you will be able to get tattooed for longer. It will also be easier for me to tattoo.

If you would feel bad or sick in anyway, nausea, dizzy or anything else it's important to let me know!

• No alcohol 24 hours before the tattoo.

• Dont use any numbing cream.

• Be well rested and healty.
• Eat something proper as close as possible to the session, so you have as much energy as possible during the day.

• Bring something to eat, for example fruit, sandwiches, snacks, soda or anything else. Coffe and tee are available in the studio. 

• You can use a softening cream on the area where there the tattoo is going to be a week before your appointment. (Optional)

The tattoo color is very hard to get off so don't have any clothes you really care about.

And use loosefitting clothes so they dont rub on the new tattoo.

You can sometimes become cold when getting tattooed, so you can bring extra clothes and/or a blanket. Some like to bring extra socks, gloves or a warm cap. And if you are going to lay down you can bring a pillow.

But be sure to have everything newly washed, especially if you have any pets


To get a good end result it's very important to be careful with the aftercare of your new tattoo.

Even if a tattooer have done everything correctly there's still a risk for infection, scarring or colorloss if you don't care for your new tattoo. 

When the tattoo is finished it will be coverd with plastic, have the plastic on for 3 hours. It might need to be on longer depending on the situation, then you might need to wear it overnight. 

When it's time to remove the plastic, remove the plastic with clean hands, wash your hands again so you have clean hands when cleaning your tattoo. This will be easiest done in the shower.

Clean the tattoo carefully & thoroughly with luke warm water with a liquid soap, for example Lactacyd.

Dab the tattoo dry gently with a clean towel, paper towel or airdry. Then gently put some softening cream on the tattoo, you can use a cream like Bephanten. 

You want to avoid the tattoo drying out completly, so use the cream when neccecary. It's usually 3-4 times per day. It usually needs to be moisturized more often the first week. 

Do not put on a thick layer of cream, put on a thinn layer each time so you dont suffocate the tattoo. 

Keep your tattoo clean, use only clean clothes and beddings against the tattoo, and do not put on the cream with dirty hands!

After a few days, scabs will become visible on the tattoo and they will fall off within a few days or can be bit longer than a week.

Dont pick or scratch on them, let them fall off by themselves, so when you put on the cream on the tattoo, do so carefully. 
If you pick or scratch the tattoo it can result in bad healing. 

The tattoo is not completly healed until 4-6 weeks. 

• No larger amout of alcohol 24 hours after.
• Clothes that rub against the tattoo during the healing process, especially while the scabs are still there, and always use clean clothes against the newly done tattoo to avoid infections.

• Don't scratch the tattoo during the healing process. (If you scratch or have clothes that rub against the tattoo, it can result in bad healing, which can result in colorloss, infections or scarring.)

• Avoid physical exercise the first week. 
• Don't shower to long, and dont be in lakes, seas, pools, bathtubs, jacuzzis, saunas etc for 2 weeks.

• No solarium or direct sunlight on the tattoo for 4 weeks.

You can keep moisturizing the tattoo to keep the tattoo looking nice. And its always a good thing to use sunscreen when spending longer periods in the sun.


• The colors i use are called World famous tattoo ink and are approved by EUs standards for quality and safty.

• I only use disposable materials for each tattoo, things like needles, tubes, razors etc.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!