Mother Nature

Plankton and algae bloom in the baltic sea.
Nasa Satellite picture

4:22 Nasa – Ocean & wind currents and information.
3:02 Nasa – Ocean currents in the world:

Storm Saomai

Nasa Satellite picture.
2:12 Nasa – video about storms and winds:
1:09 Noaa:

Galaxy Ngc6814

3:45 National geographic – About the Andromeda galaxy:

2:52 New york times – The hexagonal storm on Saturnus:
Planet Jupiter

4:47 Nasa – Video about Jupiter:

How Climate change are affecting theese areas:

6:04 Discovery – What is CO2, and the affect on oceans and winds:
6:39 CBS News and Jeff Berardelli:
1:39 Nasa – Algae Blooms:

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